Mvskoke Country

Designated by the Removal

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there was the certain customary method of
moving the site of the busk grounds   this
moving being designated by the removal of the
tribal council fire to the desired location
     it was the custom for the tribal town
chief   tvlwv mēkko   with usually two other
men to accomplish this task of moving the
council fire which never was extinguished all
during the rites of moving it

these two chosen men were not free to eat any
kind of food that they wished but only took
meals then called hompetv hvtkē   white meals
     these meals usually consisted of one or
two different dishes made of white articles of
food   it contained no kind of seasoning or
flavoring that had been added
     there was the usual indian corn bread that
was white and without leavening and white safke


there were several men carrying reeds
with eagle feathers attached to the end
     these men continually circled
around the wagon trains or during the
night around the camps
     these men said the reeds with
feathers had been treated by the
medicine men
     their purpose was to encourage the
indians not to be heavy hearted nor to
think of the homes that had been left
     some of the older women sang songs

some of the dead
were placed between two logs and quickly
covered by shrubs   some were shoved
under the thickets   and some were not
even buried but left by the wayside


when they got to this country
they selected land for a new
town or stomp ground
     this was sandy land and
these men dug a hole in the
ground with their hands until
the top of the ground came to
their shoulders with the tips of
their fingers on the bottom of
the hole
     then they brought the fire
and put it into the hole and
added fuel to it

they kept a fire there a long
time but it was finally put out
and they have to rebuild a fire
when they have a meeting there
Simon Johnson
Mary Hill
Mose Wiley

Reprinted from Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education 28, no. 3 (Spring 2017)


Written by James Treat

July 21, 2017 at 1:00 am

Posted in Mvskoke Country

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